Move elasticsearch to another machine

Actual situation:
I have graylog with elasticsearch and mongodb run in docker containers.

    # docker ps --format "table {{.Names}} {{.Ports}}" | grep grays
    graystack_graylog>7555/tcp,>8514/tcp,>8514/udp,>12201/tcp,>12201/udp, 9000/tcp
    graystack_elastic 9200/tcp, 9300/tcp
    graystack_syslogng 601/tcp,>514/udp, 6514/tcp
    graystack_mongodb 27017/tcp

Now I want to move elasticsearch on different machine (in the same local network).
How to do that with zero downtime or minimal downtime?

In graylog.conf file elasticsearch is setup:

    elasticsearch_hosts = http://elasticsearch:9200

Could someone with better experience in graylog than me :slight_smile: write a short how to with step by step how to do?

Thanks in advance for yours help.

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