Best practice: reindex older indices


My main goal is to upgrade from elastic search 5.6.16 > 6.x

I have indices graylog2_21 - graylog2_65 but only 21-54 require that I reindex them since they were created in version 2.x. Version 6.x cannot use indices created in the 2.x.

One idea was to reindex them to number minus 1 then delete the old.
graylog2_21 > graylog2_20
graylog2_22 > …_21

I did try that with graylog2_20 but when I tried absolute searching for logs in the timerange that the new graylog2_19 (reindexed) had, I got some message “missing graylog2_20” I wasnt sure what to do. I unfortunately didnt save the message…(graylog2_20 was lost forever…:frowning: )

I saw someone posting back in 2017 that they went the opposite direction. 1 + highest_index (my case graylog2_66). Which I also tried, but then I didnt not see logs being recorded to index graylog2_65, which the deflector should be sending to.

So im stumped now as to what to do.
Just want to reindex the indeces that are too old (<5.x) for elasticsearch 6.x to read while graylog still being able to read those old indices.

Any input would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Found this…

going to give it a try with graylog2_21

Yup, that was it!

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