Upgrade Graylog to 2.4.0 with Elasticsearch 5.6.X

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Currently I have a graylog server with Graylog v2.2.2.1 and Elastcisearch v2.3.3.1.

Now I need to upgrade Graylog server to Graylog v2.4.0 and I need to upgrade Elqasticsearch to v 5.6.3 accordingly.

My questing is Once I do the upgrade according to the above mentioned versions, will graylog raise any issue with index on existing indices. I want to keep my old index and indices as it is.

SO I need to know before go to the upgrade, Is above mentioned Graylog and elasticsearch versions are properly working without any issue with old indices.

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Graylog 2.4.0 still works with Elasticsearch 2.x, so you don’t have to upgrade necessarily (although I’d recommend that).

This depends completely on your Elasticsearch cluster. If you’ve been using Elasticsearch 1.x before (i. e. Graylog 1.x), you have to convert your old indices first.

Make sure to read the Elasticsearch upgrade notes and install the Elasticsearch Migration Plugin to identify possible issues.

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I developed my Graylog server only using Graylog v2.2.2.1 and Elastcisearch v2.3.3.1. Not other older version. All elasticsearch indexes are under version.

So If I upgrade both graylog and elasticsearch versions together as I mentioned earlier, will it affect to the existing indexes and indices ?

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Please read the Elasticsearch upgrade notes.

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