Docker graylog server and stack trace

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Hi, guys, thx for your great product. We are using graylog2/server-2.3.2-2 docker image, and now we need to enable stack trace logging of java apps. How to enable it in docker image?

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could you please elaborate what your problem actually is and where you need help. From the current question it might be that you do not know:

  • how you enable stack traces in your current java app
  • how you can transport those stack traces to graylog
  • how you enable logging from your docker image

So what is your question?

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We have docker default image of graylog2/server and enabled stack traces in our app. The goal is to add appender in docker image and enable option in log4j2.xml to start accepting stack trace messages in graylog.

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and what is your question?

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How to add appender in default graylog2/server docker image?

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You can create and start inputs in the web interface on the System/Inputs page.

Then you’ll have to configure the GELF appenders in your application to send messages to that input.

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