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I need to know how is possible to enable stack trace logging, I already view this topic : “Docker graylog server and stack trace” but…

Thx in advance


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Hej @Jeremie

you should be a little more verbose on your question. We do not know what your target is, we do not know what you already tried, we do not know where you did not catch the fish.

You know …



I use graylog for my Docker environnment, I already configure it and it’s works :slight_smile:
But we have some messages cut line by line, normaly this message is all in one

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nice that it works for you.

as you do not share how you ingest your logfiles, the short answer is - enable multiline messages.


Here a little screenshot

How enabling multiline messages ?

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ok, one time - as I do not like to play ping-pong.

What kind of logfile did you send how to Graylog?

I think that you might just enabled the GELF logger of Docker to ingest GELF Messages to Graylog. If that is the case I have bad new:


The Docker Team will not support multiline logfiles. All the above can be found in this community - just do a search!

You would need some kind of logshipper in your docker container that can read multiline files and ship that over to Graylog. Graylog can’t merge single events into one.


Yes I only configure like this on docker hosts
Ok I will try to search docker side :slight_smile:

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