Delete ghost value from dashboard

I’m currently facing a problem I already met with one of my Graylog Dashboard (Did not manage to fix it unfortunately). To be more precise, I think the origin of the problem is likely to be linked to my data themselves, one way or another.

First thing to know, my data are generated every fifteen minutes, following this format:

“number of elements,pool,pool name”

“pool” in the middle is just here to set a king of “data type”, so I can distinguish them from other data.

I firstly add a data table based on a 1 month long research. Then, I select two fields in rows: “pool name” and “number of elements”. At that point I’m starting having “ghost data” with no “pool name” but only a “number of elements” value. In my opinion, those may be some data with the same “pool name” but a different “number of elements” value.

This graylog behaviour doesn’t help, because I would like to generate an average of “number of elements” per pool, each month.

Does anyone know a solution to my problem or may be another way to get what I want in my dashboard?

Thank’s a lot!


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