Dedicated Master Node

Hello everyone.

Is it possible to have a dedicated master node like elasticsearch? I mean, we have the GL master separated to dedicated jobs and without process logs

If yes or no, do we would have any benefit with it?


Graylog already has this, so I’m confused at to what you’re looking for in a dedicated leader node. The leader is responsible for a number of system jobs/tasks, though all nodes in a cluster accept log messages (see server.conf — Graylog 4.0.0 documentation)

Hi Aaronsachs! Thank you for your reply.

I woud like to know if we can have the master node dedicated only for the system jobs/tasks, without it processing logs and… If we have any benefit in have it without processing logs, for example, would we gain performance doing this? Thank you!

Graylog nodes will not ingest logs if they don’t have an input running. You can accomplish what you’re looking to do (though really, there’s no added benefit to have a dedicated leader node to just handle system jobs) by having the leader node not run any inputs. But again, there’s no real added gain here, unless someone in the community has seen something that they might be able to share.

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