Only Master node is processing logs , the other 2 nodes are stating "The journal contains 0 unprocessed messages in 1 segment. 0 messages appended, 0 messages read in the last second"

please find the screenshot, and advice me how to resolve.

I am using Elasticsearch service and Mongodb service.

how do you ingest messages to Graylog?

we send logs by Using Syslog-ng or rsyslog, if we do it for other 2 nodes. Don’t we get duplicate messages in to the Graylog server?

if you want to distribute the load between different Graylog servers, you need to loadbalance the input between them. Graylog does not share the workload itself between the nodes in the cluster.

Okay Thanks @jan Got it, in that case, how to configure Graylog for High availability purpose, please share me those documents if available or please guide me how to configure Graylog for High availability. Thanks in advance @jan

Thanks @jan I will go through it.

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