Dashboard Global overide time issue

Hello Community, I upgraded my graylog from 5.0 to 5.1.2. Everything works well, but on the dashboards, global overide time is not working. For example, when I set the time to an 8-hour global overide, the full-screen widgets of the dashboard are showing different times, like 5 mints and so on.
Here is a screenshots of the issue:

First screenshot is when i’m selecting 8-hour time global overide

Second screen is when i’m selecting full screen

Third screen is the issue the global override time is reseted showing last 5 minute

is this a bug to the graylog 5.1.2 if not anyone who can help please.

I’m running 5.1.2 and cannot replicate what you are describing.

Do you feel comfortable saving your dashboard as a content pack and sharing it here?

  1. Via System / Content Packs
  2. Create a content pack (fill out boxes and select applicable content)

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