Time-stamp bug in dashboards

Description of your problem

Hi. My logs time stamp is totally correct and is shown correctly in search message table. However, in dashboards, in the data table, they are shown incorrectly (Zeros + My timezone). the issue appeared from version 4.0.9 and is not resolved until latest release.

Screenshot: all messages timestamp, on dashboard, data table:

Steps to recreate:
Create a dashboard, create a data table, group by some field + group by timestamp

Operating system information

Graylog 4.1.3+9d79c05 on (Debian 11.0.12 on Linux 4.19.0-17-amd64)


I can only think of a couple reason why there is a different timestamp.

Check the following:

Navigate to System/Overview under Time configuration. Make sure they are all the same.


Check the time/date configuration for that user profile creating the dashboard.

Check your Graylog server config file the time zone is correct.

root_timezone = America/Chicago

And last check the date/time on the Graylog server.

timedatectl status

Hope that helps

Hi @gsmith

Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry you didn’t get my problem.

My timezones are correct, and I checked your notes thanks.

My problem is not with the timezone; its with the “showing the timestamps” only on “dashboards.”
The logs themselves, have correct timestamps and are received, parsed, stored correctly. The timestamp shown in Message Table are correct, but the same massage, has zero timestamps in dashboard’sdata table”.

Please take a look at the pic below: the timestamp on the dashboard is only zeros, which is not correct.

Yeah thats wierd, If all the other time/dates are correct it might be.
If this is a bug you could post it here.

Hey @amirmt71,

Can you please share your dashboard settings? What are your search parameters? What configurations have you applied to the table and other widgets in the dashboard? This looks to me like grouping, reducing resolution to individual messages, but try as I might I haven’t been able to reproduce it.


Hello @amirmt71,

i had a similar problem and it was fixed by extend the time-slider in dashboard creation:
Graylog will round the times, based on the slider or the time you can type in when deselect the “Auto”-box

This way you can reduce the time-jumps to 1 min or even 1 sec.

best regards,

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