Customize Background in Graylog 3.3.x

Hey Graylog Community

In Graylog Version 3.2.x I was able to change the login Background by following the instructions linked below:

In the current version 3.3.x I can’t find the background anymore. I opened the jar file with 7zip and searched for images but wasn’t able to find the Background image.

Has someone managed to change it?

I know it’s nothing important but it is a nice customization I’d love to keep.

PS. I use the Graylog Docker image but since the jar file is the same it shouldn’t matter.

@DerBeton The background change feature is not recommended by Graylog because of this misconfiguration impact the .jar file and whole Graylog existing setup. Graylog 3.3 version is stable where it is not possible to change or customize the background by making changes in the .jar file. Customize background feature will get introduce soon for a future version of the Graylog but as of now, we are not sure when it will get release.

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