Changing login image and text

Hi guys

Quick question, I got the latest Graylog 5.1.4 installed. Now I was asked to change the login image, which I found how but I also want to change the text in it. I did not found where can someone guide me (am adding a screenshot of what I am asking).


I’m pretty sure you can’t without starting with the source code and recompiling. There have been similar questions where that was the only option.

Hey @badaboom

We use to back in the day.

Hey @gsmith
Thanks for the answer, To switch the image backgroup, no problem, I did exactly what you are refering which worked fine. But my question was more on how to change the text we see where is says graylog DATA.INSIGHTS.ANSWERS, and change it to something else.

Thanks again

Hey @badaboom

That would be a deeper look in some of those web file/s. Also note that even if you did change text then next update/upgrade you would have to change it again.