Conversion to seconds for exim logs

I need to parse the queue-time field in exim logs (QT). Unfortunately it has string values like “0s”, “3m45s”, “2d12h33m23s”. Is there an easy way to convert it into seconds (not timestamp!) or do I have to write a function?
Many thanks in advance!

the only that comes to my mind was using the natty parser for that: but it does not work with that.

So the fastest solution would be to write your own processing pipeline function for that.

Hi Jan,
many thanks for your answer. I already have used extractors to split the messages. But it’s not possible to use the output of an extractor as an input for a pipeline? Here: Use field “QT” generated by an extractor in a pipeline function?
Many thanks!

Ok, found the solution. Had to edit the message processor configuration.

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