Configure Local NTP Server

Hello ,

I am new to Graylog , I want to set it up as an NTP client to a local NTP server on network and couldn’t find a procedure for this. Our networks are closed to the internet and we receive NTP from a GPS clock on the LAN.

thanks for any help anyone can offer

Graylog v2.4.0-rc.2
ESXI - OVA Template

First of all, you shouldn’t run a release candidate (or any pre-release version) in production. Please upgrade to the latest stable version of Graylog.

The OVA is using Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS internally, so you should be able to follow the NTP guide at

I was able to make the configuration changes. Thank you for your feedback on NTP and the use of the RC. I am implementing a stable release now.

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