Concatenate Two Fields

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I am trying to concatenate the DstName and Path fields into the URL field. Below is the pipeline config I currently have and an example of the two fields I am trying to concatenate:

rule "URL"
has_field("DstName") && has_field("Path")
let URL = concat(to_string($message.DstName), to_string($message.Path));
set_field("URL", URL);

My expected outcome would be as follows:

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that should be the way to go, look at the samples.

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I have looked at the documentation and the pipeline rule I created should have worked, I am not sure why it’s not?

Any ideas?



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without knowing your messages?

Sorry my :crystal_ball: is currently out of order …

Maybe your when condition did not work, or your Fieldnames are different. Try to use the debug function to find the reason.


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Haha, sorry for my lack on information. Below is an example of a log that I am trying to perform the concat on.

AppCategoryID 13
AppCategoryName Web services
AppID 8
AppName Google Chrome
DstPort 80
GeoDst USA
GeoSrc USA
Hour 9
Message HTTP request
MsgID 1AFF-0024
Path /t/concatenate-two-fields/4741/4
Protocol tcp
ProxyAct HTTP Proxy.1
ReceivedBytes 918
Reputation 1
RuleAction Allow
RuleName Proxy Access
SentBytes 697
SrcIP 321.321.321.321
SrcPort 63210
TimeElapsed 0.189354 sec(s)
TimeStamp 2018-03-27T08:56:46
Type Proxy Log
Zone 1-Untrusted 3-Out

I hope you can get a better idea of what I’m trying to do and the fields I am working with. I just want to create the URL from those two fields.



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are those fields available in Graylog as seperate fields already? If yes, that should work.

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Here’s a screenshot of part of a log file. As you can see both fields are there, I don’t understand why it’s not working.

Message filtering is done before pipelines so the fields are present when being processed by the pipleline.

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you should now debug that step-by-step.

Write a field “debug” if the condition is matching - then you can see if that part of the rule is working. If that is working, write as debug message the content of both fields to the logfile

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This is the best way to check what is working and what not.

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