Compiling Graylog Server


After importing into Intellij (ensuring I import the pom.xml). Setting up the runner via Edit Configuration. I then go to the command line and run mvn compile on graylog2-server. When I go back into intellij and click run. I get a bunch of errors dealing with RuleLangParser. They are in the pipeline-processor-plugin. How can I fix the error!? It seems it has been replaced with PipelineRuleProcessor.

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If you’re using graylog-project, you’ll have to build the complete project at least once from the root project (which in turn builds all the submodules such as graylog2-server and the plugins).


Yes I am using the graylog-project. I navigated to graylog-project-repos/graylog2-server. That is where I have been running mvn compile. I get success… it is when I load up the project into intellij and click run that I get these errors.

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Please read again what I wrote before:

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