Cannot compile & launch graylog locally

Hey there,

I’m trying to compile and launch graylog on an m1 mac locally using the graylog project repo and it doesn’t seem to compile correctly
I downloaded the latest graylog version and did everything that was written in the guide.
mvn compile works correctly, but I’m stuck with the following error:
Cannot resolve symbol 'RuleLangBaseListener'
output of java -version

OpenJDK Runtime Environment (Zulu (build 1.8.0_322-b06)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (Zulu (build 25.322-b06, mixed mode)

graylog version: 4.4
Maybe it’s because of the arm mac…?
I would be really grateful if anyone could help,

Hello && Welcome

By chance did you run Maven build first?
Could we see the whole log file of this issue?

Hi @gsmith
THanks for the quick response!

The only command that I’m running is mvn compile. Can you tell me how to do “Maven build”?

Here’s the output log of the maven compile

java: cannot find symbol
  symbol:   class RuleLangBaseListener
  location: class org.graylog.plugins.pipelineprocessor.parser.PipelineRuleParser


My apologies I was referring to this command.

mvn compile

The only thing I can think of why that happened is…

  • missing variable and method declarations;
  • out-of-scope references to variables and methods;
  • misspelled identifiers; and
  • omitted import statements.

error refers to a symbol which cannot be found. While there are multiple ways and reasons this can occur, the fact that the Java compiler is unable to find the symbol associated with a given identifier.

So I’m not sure exactly where things went wrong. Its been a very long time since I compiled anything.
Sorry I can be more help.

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