Cannot get authbind and graylog 3 to work

I’ve seen other post of this kind but no solution that I didn’t try, I need port 514 UDP to listen so I did install authbind (I’m running a graylog 3 ova)
sudo apt-get install authbind -y
sudo vi /etc/default/graylog-server
GRAYLOG_COMMAND_WRAPPER=“authbind” to the appropriate line of the file

Add UDP 514 to Authbind

sudo touch ‘/etc/authbind/byport/!514’
sudo chown graylog:graylog ‘/etc/authbind/byport/!514’
sudo chmod 755 ‘/etc/authbind/byport/!514’

And then I created an input syslog UDP but it doesn’t start, the error seems the port bind because if I try a > 1024 no pb. So authbind not working… Thanks for help
Input 5cac47dea61a5105176ae287 has failed to start on node 0716badf-421d-42c3-9283-e531fe31b932 for this reason: »bind(…) failed: Cannot assign requested address.

OVA not for production use, onyl for sandboxing, POC, etc…

I haven’t use authbind, but what is the problem with this doc?

Why would you like to use authbind?

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