Cannot get authbind to work

It is necessary that I get Graylog-server to listen on port 514. I found a walkthrough at but it still will not allow me to setup an input on port 514. I receive an Operation not permitted error when it tries to start the input. Is there something missing from the link above that will allow me to use authbind to get Graylog working or another option that is not firewall related? Thanks in advance.

Phil Schilling

@gcstech see:

touch '/etc/authbind/byport/!162'
chmod 500 '/etc/authbind/byport/!162'
chown graylog '/etc/authbind/byport/!162'

Remember to surround the path with ‘’ because of the ! used in front of the numeric port for UDP. If you do NOT use ! then the port will be TCP and snmp plug-in won’t work since snmp is UDP to begin with. Hope that help others to get their plug-in going for native snmp.

Hope that helps. I had to go through it myself

Of course make sure there isn’t anything else already listning to UDP 514 such as some locally running syslog daemon at OS level…


Never mind, sorry for the noise. After a couple of hours trying to figure this out and then writing the message above, I deleted the Input and recreated and it is working fine.

Phil Schilling

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