Can i change the count metric in pie chart to be the field value

Hello for all , i have tried too much to change the count that appear near percentage in pie chart to another metric but all my tries failed , for ex in net flow data : i want the pie chart divide the coloring based on the value of the field itself like bytes field But it count how many msgs contain each num of bytes field exists and then divide coloring area based on num of logs or msgs that contain field bytes so the result if i have bytes =0 but exist in most of msgs it takes the large area what ever color in the pie chart over byte fields=22846 byte for example.

Sorry I did not get your question.

It would be helpful if you you write it a little more structured.

I guess you want to change the colors of the quickvalues pi-chart, that is not possible.

Thanks for ur reply , i want to change the value represented by color from count to another like field simply : i want the max src or dst ip that had max bytes field(traffic) & this ip take the large area with in pie chart what ever color used . Another example how to show the most used protocols & what src ips used that protocols . ?is it possible to change the column count or not ??

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