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i am using Graylog as a cluster on docker, Graylog is working fine but whenever I click on the show received messages it never display the logs and i got error messages in the console. Graylog, Elasticsearch and MongoDB run on a different container. I did not get any log error or container error, please help. after google, I found there is some issue with Elasticsearch i need to reinstall it but i did not get any success.

bluebird.js:1545 Unhandled rejection TypeError: Cannot read property 'end' of undefined    

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at Object.fetchInitialState (myIP:port/assets/vendor.552834c48b86209e305c.js:33:194757)
at Object.listenTo (myIP:port/assets/vendor.552834c48b86209e305c.js:33:193947)
at Object.componentDidMount (myIP:port/assets/vendor.552834c48b86209e305c.js:25:284653)
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at Object.O [as flushBatchedUpdates] (myIP:port/assets/vendor.552834c48b86209e305c.js:11:10047)
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at Object.s [as enqueueUpdate] (myIP:port/assets/vendor.552834c48b86209e305c.js:11:8934)
at n (myIP:port/assets/vendor.552834c48b86209e305c.js:11:41134)

graylog current version : 2.4.3

how did you run your Graylog in Docker? Did you use docker-compose ? If yes, how does your compose file look?
What is your structure, what did you expose and how? What is your configuration?

and in addition, please use proper formatting in this community.

i have created shell script which SSH to 3 servers and setup graylog in it.

"docker run -d                      \
    --name=${GRAYLOGAPP_CONTAINER_NAME}_${NUM}          \
    -p ${GRAYLOGAPP_WEBPORT}${NUM}:80                   \
    -p 9350:9350 -p 12900:12900 -p 12201:12201/udp -p 514:514 \
    -v $GRAYLOG_CONFIG_DIR/graylog.conf:/opt/graylog/config/graylog.conf:Z  \
    -v $GRAYLOG_GRAYLOGAPP_DATA_DIR:/opt/graylog/data:Z \
    -v $GRAYLOG_ROOT_DIR/plugin:/opt/graylog/plugin:Z  \
    -e GRAYLOG_HEAP_SIZE=\"${GL_HEAP}\"                 \
    -e GRAYLOG_WEB_IP=$DH                              \
    --hostname=localhost                               \

mongoDB image
docker run -d
-p 9301:27017
-v $GRAYLOG_CONFIG_DIR/mongoDB.conf:/opt/mongo/config/mongoDB.conf:Z
-v $GRAYLOG_MONGODB_DATA_DIR:/opt/mongo/db:Z
-v $GRAYLOG_MONGODB_LOG_DIR:/opt/mongo/log:Z
mymongoDB image/mongo3:1.0.0

docker run -d
-p 9200:9200
-p 9300:9300
-v $GRAYLOG_CONFIG_DIR/elasticsearch.yml:/opt/elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml:Z
-v $GRAYLOG_ELASTICSEARCH_DATA_DIR:/opt/elasticsearch/data:Z
my elasticsearch image/elasticsearch:1.2.1

this command run in a function which creates the cluster and after running the script i can see the 3 nodes in my dashboard

and if i go to elastic search container and run curl 'localhost:9200/_search?preety i can see all messages which i pushed to graylog. but i cannot see them in Graylog search section. is this helpfull ?

what you created left even more questions. You have added a custom Graylog configuration but also set some settings via environment variables.

All that together does not allow someone that is not you to get a simple idea what the settings are in the end product.

Sorry that is something I can’t debug for you, but I guess that the communication between the Webbrowser and the Graylog API is not possible - a description can be found here:

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