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(rajnish) #1

i am using Graylog as a cluster on docker, Graylog is working fine but whenever I click on the show received messages it never display the logs and i got error messages in the console. Graylog, Elasticsearch and MongoDB run on a different container. I did not get any log error or container error, please help. after google, I found there is some issue with Elasticsearch i need to reinstall it but i did not get any success.

bluebird.js:1545 Unhandled rejection TypeError: Cannot read property 'end' of undefined    

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at n (myIP:port/assets/vendor.552834c48b86209e305c.js:11:41134)

graylog current version : 2.4.3

(Jan Doberstein) #2

how did you run your Graylog in Docker? Did you use docker-compose ? If yes, how does your compose file look?
What is your structure, what did you expose and how? What is your configuration?

and in addition, please use proper formatting in this community.

(rajnish) #3

i have created shell script which SSH to 3 servers and setup graylog in it.

"docker run -d                      \
    --name=${GRAYLOGAPP_CONTAINER_NAME}_${NUM}          \
    -p ${GRAYLOGAPP_WEBPORT}${NUM}:80                   \
    -p 9350:9350 -p 12900:12900 -p 12201:12201/udp -p 514:514 \
    -v $GRAYLOG_CONFIG_DIR/graylog.conf:/opt/graylog/config/graylog.conf:Z  \
    -v $GRAYLOG_GRAYLOGAPP_DATA_DIR:/opt/graylog/data:Z \
    -v $GRAYLOG_ROOT_DIR/plugin:/opt/graylog/plugin:Z  \
    -e GRAYLOG_HEAP_SIZE=\"${GL_HEAP}\"                 \
    -e GRAYLOG_WEB_IP=$DH                              \
    --hostname=localhost                               \

mongoDB image
docker run -d
-p 9301:27017
-v $GRAYLOG_CONFIG_DIR/mongoDB.conf:/opt/mongo/config/mongoDB.conf:Z
-v $GRAYLOG_MONGODB_DATA_DIR:/opt/mongo/db:Z
-v $GRAYLOG_MONGODB_LOG_DIR:/opt/mongo/log:Z
mymongoDB image/mongo3:1.0.0

docker run -d
-p 9200:9200
-p 9300:9300
-v $GRAYLOG_CONFIG_DIR/elasticsearch.yml:/opt/elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml:Z
-v $GRAYLOG_ELASTICSEARCH_DATA_DIR:/opt/elasticsearch/data:Z
my elasticsearch image/elasticsearch:1.2.1

this command run in a function which creates the cluster and after running the script i can see the 3 nodes in my dashboard

and if i go to elastic search container and run curl 'localhost:9200/_search?preety i can see all messages which i pushed to graylog. but i cannot see them in Graylog search section. is this helpfull ?

(Jan Doberstein) #4

what you created left even more questions. You have added a custom Graylog configuration but also set some settings via environment variables.

All that together does not allow someone that is not you to get a simple idea what the settings are in the end product.

Sorry that is something I can’t debug for you, but I guess that the communication between the Webbrowser and the Graylog API is not possible - a description can be found here:

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