Archives error after changing backend

Graylog version 3.3.10+4f5ddbc, codename Sloth Rocket
Elasticsearch installed on same server

I have deleted an archive backend whilst a job was going on. The job has finished now but going to /system/archives gives me a “something wrong” page

Cannot read property 'graylog_0' of undefined

Stack Trace:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'graylog_0' of undefined
    at (<anonymous>)
    at i.value (
    at Wi (
    at Pi (
    at Ms (
    at uc (
    at sc (
    at Qs (
    at exports.unstable_runWithPriority (
    at Xo (
    at Ko (
    at Uo (
    at Gs (
    at Object.enqueueSetState (
    at t.y.setState (
    at a.n (
    at a.emit (
    at f.trigger (
    at u (
    at k._settlePromiseFromHandler (
    at k._settlePromise (
    at k._settlePromise0 (
    at k._settlePromises (
    at s (
    at c (
    at a._drainQueues (
    at drainQueues (

Component Stack:

    in i
    in div
    in t
    in div
    in t
    in span
    in i
    in ArchivePage
    in div
    in t
    in div
    in t
    in t
    in AppWithoutSearchBar__StyledRow
    in div
    in t
    in div
    in t
    in AppContentGrid__Container
    in u
    in St
    in div
    in wt
    in o
    in Unknown
    in withRouter(Component)
    in d
    in mt
    in ConnectStoresWrapper[mt] stores=currentUser
    in i
    in RouterContext
    in Router
    in ar
    in Unknown
    in ConnectStoresWrapper[Unknown/Anonymous] stores=streams
    in lr
    in Unknown
    in n
    in Y
    in ConnectStoresWrapper[Y] stores=currentUser,server,sessionId
    in t
    in p

For further reference, this error magically disappeared overnight.

The archive catalogue now shows up without error

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