Cannot read property 'org.graylog2.buffers.input.usage' of undefined


While tunning the cluster (process/Output puffer are full), I monitor the load of each node, the gorilla pops out from time to time with Error: “Cannot read property ‘org.graylog2.buffers.input.usage’ of undefined.”

How can I fix this issue?


he @Tiger

I guess that the Graylog nodes are having some load issues or similar.

FYI, This Graylog is deployed with Helm ( in a performance test environment (1.8TB logged yesterday)

Increasing Graylog heap size (form 7G to 12GB, and then to 18GB) seems fixed the issue.

This change with output_batch_size change from default 500 to 12,000 also fixed the Process/Output buffer 100% issue (I tried doubling the resource of ElasticSearch first, no significant improvement. The ElasticSearch data nodes are under utilized).

Current load is low. I will continue observing the load/performance and update if there is any change.


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