Process and output buffer 100% utilized

Despite increasing heap memory in the config file, new logs are not coming through. Both processed buffer and output buffer are at 100% utilization. We’d greatly appreciate your expert assistance to resolve this problem

Instance details :
Memory : 32GB.
Storage : 1 TB.

Current Heap Memory : 16 GB .

Hi Rizwan,

That’s not really enough information to make suggestions. Can you tell us a little more?

What version is it? (Mongo, GL, ES/OS)
What is your architecture? One server, three, five, etc.?
What is your ingestion volume?
Is this problem new?
Have you made any changes lately?
What have you tried so far?
Have you checked the Elasticsearch/Opensearch logs?

Hi Chris
Thanks for you reply

as per below specification can you tell much heap and journal size i can give

can you share me the conf for the below specs

1TB storage

Hi @Rizwan,
So 16GB Heap memory is very big and that doesn’t address the problem.
How many events per second come in via Inputs?

Glass sphere: A possible error can come from pipeline rules, e.g. DNS request-timeouts, Query-Latency etc
But that won’t work without more information about the environment.
look at the log at /var/log/graylog-server/server.log You may find an error here?

sorry H077E i am really not a programmer. and not having much experience in graylog
below you can find my configuration.
How many events per second come in via Inputs
i dont know the exact count but i believe per day log size would be more than 100 gb.

i am thinking to reconfigure it can you suggest me with the config based on my specs

No problem.
The messages “no free disk” and “cluster without free disk” says it all :wink:
start a shell console and check it with df -h

@Rizwan Elasticsearch/Opensearch has run out of space.

This article should help explain what is happening. TL;DR, you need to either free up storage, or add more storage. Then you need to enable read/write on the indices again.

Thank you chris , i will be planning to delete all the nodes and wanted to configure if the logs size reaches 500+ gb old logs should auto be deleted , can you help me with that configuration