Input Buffer: 100%, Process Buffer 100%, Output Buffer: 0%

Input Buffer: 100% utilized
Process Buffer 100% utilized
Output Buffer: 0% utilized

Should this be a cause of concern?
It seems I am getting delayed logs but unable to pinpoint the root issue.

Elasticsearch is green and running fine, No indexing errors on Graylog nodes, however, it seems Input Buffer and Process Buffer for all nodes are stuck at 100% while Output Buffer is 0%.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Here is a similar thread that I was involved in before. Hopefully there are some answers in it or at least some suggestions of things to look at.

Regardless of if you solve it or not, post up what you find for more detailed help and/or future readers fo the thread.

he @batinthesun

depending on your Graylog version you would be able to see that the processing buffer is doing. This way you get a sense what is the problem most of the time - it is very likely that a regex is running wild.

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