Upgrade from 3.2.4 to 3.3.0 - Error with Alert Page

I use Graylog in Docker. When i upgrade to latest version. I cannot access Notifications in Alert Menu any more.
I check the console and get this errors.

There was an error fetching a resource: cannot GET https://server.com/api/events/notifications?query=&page=1&per_page=10 (500). Additional information: IOException encountered while reading from a byte array input stream [FetchProvider.js:21:14](webpack:///src/logic/rest/FetchProvider.js)

n FetchProvider.js:21

E FetchProvider.js:42

request FetchProvider.js:98

c bluebird.js:5370

_settlePromiseFromHandler bluebird.js:3366

_settlePromise bluebird.js:3423

_settlePromise0 bluebird.js:3468

_settlePromises bluebird.js:3544

u bluebird.js:145

s bluebird.js:138

_drainQueues bluebird.js:154

drainQueues bluebird.js:67

Anyone has any ideas about it?


what plugins did you have installed in Graylog?

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Hi Jan,
Thank you so much.

Your answer help me solve the problem.

This happen because of mine. Plugins folder had not been set in persistent volume, so when I upgrade to new version image. It’s been gone That’s the problem.

I just copy all plugins to container and restart. It worked.

Thanks again.

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