Bluebird.js error when trying to create pipeline rules

Due to some recent network changes, the daily number of pfSense log messages increased to ~1 million. My goal was to create a pipeline to filter out specific messages before they are indexed (sourceip / destip) as a majority of this new traffic is noise going to AWS.

But when creating a pipeline rule, graylog UI shows:
Could not save processing rule “undefined”

rule tried:
rule “test”

Browser console shows:
bluebird.js:1590 Unhandled rejection TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'includes') at C ( at l ( at O._settlePromiseFromHandler ( at O._settlePromise ( at O._settlePromise0 ( at O._settlePromises ( at s ( at a ( at i._drainQueues ( at drainQueues ( previous event: at O.L [as _captureStackTrace] ( at O._then ( at O.then ( at O.caught.O.catch ( at h ( at at at

Graylog OS:
Ubuntu server 20.04
Graylog Version:
graylog-enterprise 5.0.6 (from graylog 5.0 repository)

client os:
ubuntu 22.04
client browser versions:
chrome 112.0.5615.165
firefox 112.0.1

Both Chrome and Firefox have the issue

Looking for help on this, but I don’t know where to begin.

Thank you!

Was this the actual rule

rule “test”

Off the top of my head i think that would give you some red Xs to warn of format error, and it generally won’t let you save while there is a format error.

Thanks for the reply!
No, I pasted incorrect data from clipboard apparently. However in replying to your question I found the issue. I was escaping something incorrectly.

Thanks again!

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