Atlassian Jira Logging?

Hi all,

Has anyone had any success bringing in Atlassian Jira security logs into graylog? (e.g. atlassian-jira-security.log)

Just getting started with Graylog so it’s a massive learning curve, I believe the log files are formatted in log4j? Keep stumbling across people saying they have it working with Jira but with little detail around how to actually accomplish it?

Currently running GL 2.5 OVA appliance.

It’s an older forum thread, but perhaps this can be of help.

You can ask the Jira application server to also use a Syslog log appender, to forward the messages through Syslog.

Thanks, ended up giving up on that approach in the end. Decided to just read the log in directly via NXlog and it’s working a great. Just need to sort out grok filters now to make the info a little more useful.

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