Are Teams an enterprise-only feature?

Hi, I found in documentation that Roles are now superseded by Teams. But in my Graylog Open 5.0 installation I do not find Teams menu: in System > Users and Teams I only find Users configurations.
I found this topic from 2020 saying that Teams are an Enterprise feature only: Teams option not showing up in graylog 4.0
Is it still true?
If it is true, do I have to configure permissions (e.g. Stream readability) for each single user in Graylog Open?

So far I know, Team is an Enterprise feature.

Some older OPEN versions might have that feature, but these versions are a couple of years old.

Yes, Teams are only available in the enterprise version of Graylog. Just to clarify access in Graylog is divided into two sections. Roles still exist, and they are used for giving access to functions, managing users, creating pipelines, etc. Then permissions are used to manage access to the content; streams, dashboards etc. You can read more about it here

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