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I am trying to find out if there are any plugins which can be helpful to integrate Graylog with Teams for throwing Alerts and Notifications.

I see one in the market place (link below) but seems like its not working for Graylog Version 4.0+, I could see the reference on logs but nothing shows up on the GUI part.
Link: Graylog Marketplace

Kindly suggest if we have any other way to integrate Graylog with Microsoft Teams.


To do this in Graylog 4.0 I believe you need the Enterpise version

Hope that helps

I think @docgyan is referring to MS’s chat application, not the teams feature in Graylog if I’m understanding correctly.

In my own efforts to install this community plugin, I’ve noticed that it seems to have some dependencies, at least in the deb control file here: graylog-plugin-teams/control at 5327f3b89e902c57579aaa0bb13518c57ff4bb43 · hidapple/graylog-plugin-teams · GitHub
. That’s preventing me from installing it at the moment, but I also noticed that someone reported an issue with the latest release here: Unable to read web manifest from plugin Microsoft Teams Notification 2.0.4 · Issue #124 · hidapple/graylog-plugin-teams · GitHub

What would be helpful is if you could provide the Graylog logs for your deployment. If you’re seeing a similar error, I’d suggest that you comment on the linked issue so that the maintainer can address it.

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