Adding External Iframes

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Is there a way to have an example of a plugin that create a new tab in the main menu and open an IFRAME for other url. this way i can display different application inside graylog UI.

other option is to add the a Dashboard a widget that user Iframe of external Url?can this be achieved?


Creation of widgets that are not bound to data
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Yes, you could write a custom plugin for that. Unfortunately we don’t have a ready-to-go example for the exact use case you’ve mentioned.

Please refer to for general information about Graylog plugins and how to write them.

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I have written several plugins my self such as messageinputs, functions and alarmcallback.
i haven’t found any good sample of simple UI enhacment (like iframe or maybe adding a new tab that display “hello world”)

i will try other methods of reaching this- maybe outsourcing service.

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