Integrate Kibana Dashboards to Graylog


I want to merge Kibana with Graylog, since I want to use Visualizations from Kibana in Graylog.
It should be like when you click on the Dashboard tab you do not see the Graylog Visualizations but the Kibana Dashboard.

I do not think this can be too hard, since Kibana Dashboards can be implemented with iframe. I know a bit about application architecture but did not really figured the Graylog one out.

So can anybody tell me where to include the iframe so that it can be seen on the Dashboards tab? I guess you can compile graylog.jar with maven, right?

Thank you very much

Sorry, need to push.

you would need to build a plugin that creates a dashboard widget that includes whatever you like via iframe.

that is not possible with vanilla Graylog and I did not know any plugin that already does this.

Thanks for your answer. So there is no way to just append a line of HTML code than writing a plugin?

as written - that is not possible

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