Windows 10/11 & Windows Server Security Log

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This content Pack is only intended for Windows Security Monitoring.
If you noticed some data about security that is not parsed or missing fields, you can open an issue and I will update the Content Pack.

Tested with Windows 10/11 and Windows Server 2022 and Graylog 5.2.2.

The Content Pack should be compatible with all Graylog 5.X version.

Note this was built without extractors, only pipeline rules.


  • Input (Beats/TCP/5044)
  • Stream (Filebeat & Winlogbeat)
  • Pipeline Rules w/ stages
  • Lookup table + Data adapter + data cache
  • Dashboards

Not included

Hard files that need to be downloaded, see info


  • Graylog 5.2.0
  • Sidecar API Token Created
  • Graylog Sidecar Agent 1.5.0
  • Winlogbeat & Filebeat 7.12.1
  • Winlogbeat Security & Powershell Module
  • Edit Windows-ALL-Security-Content-Pack.json before uploading it !

I worked hard to share this with the community, I hope it will suits your needs :wink:
PM me if you encounter any issue.

I dropped many Events on the winlogbeat configuration that are not needed for space optimization, adjust to your needs.

Log size estimation: 130 MB/Agents/day

  • 30 MB/Agents/day for filebeat
  • 100MB/Agents/day for winlogbeat

@s0p4L1N awesome thanks :+1: