Why graylog convert my INT to String


I’am sending logs to Graylog by Gelf who are streamed to OpenSearch.
The problem is that Graylog display the fields who has been sent as int as string.

For example, if I sent : {“version”:“1.1”, “host”: “little bird”, “short_message”: “Warrior from the North”, “level”:1, “_cpm”: 10}
The “_cpm” field will be saved as string in graylog and opensearch but I sent a integer.

Someone already got this problem ?


ElasticSearch will guess at they type of field at the creation of each Index, I am reasonably sure that OpenSearch is the same. If you rotate the index, it will choose type anew… so if you are forcing a long, it should capture as a long on the creation of the next index.

Assuming that works, It is possible to correct a field to a long historically if you want… Here is a write up for an older version but it likely can be used in OpenSearch with a little tweaking.

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