Struggling with parsing number field

I have been struggling with parsing a log to a number field.
As a result I am unable to use this field for statistics and draw dashboard that I need.
Can somebody help me?
I used GROK pattern to extract number , I use GROK “int” hint data type but when I want to run statistics against that field I get an error because the field is stored as text despite everything that did.
Here is a very simple extractor:

When I query this field it appears as text:

I will greatly appreciate any suggestions,
Thank you

Probably you previously setup field memUsage as string, so elastic db by default use gues to find type of field. You need to either rotate index, or create custom mapping:

I don’t know what I am doing (I tried newer version 3.3.2-1) with same results: after successfully creating a pattern(it tests fine on sample message), the expected field doesn’t show up in the list of search fields. What is it that I am missing . I spent a few days dealing with this problem.
You will make my day if you explain me what I may be doing wrong.

I’ve noticed now, that you use bad syntax. Correct one is:

;datatype at the end of the pattern

Yes, you are right, I actually corrected it since my first post but I have no luck. Is there a way to troubleshoot the system gives no indication that there is some problem. Any logs where I could look? Maybe MongoDb access and query ?

Always check graylog server logs in /var/log/graylog-server/server.log for errors…

the data is stored in Elasticsearch. When you change the datatype of a field - or want to - you might need to rotate your indices that elasticsearch is creating a new index where this field is not (yet) set with a specific data type for a single field.

So during setup/trial it is always better to change also the field name you want to have to a new on each test to ensure that you get the desired result.

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