Where are pipelines in the processing stack

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My question is a simple one. If you look at the streams documentation at http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.3/pages/streams.html

There is a section showing how streams are processed internally. Given that a stream is directly added to an input as a stream_id field and the data is then send to the filter chain. Where are pipelines in this process, they are not shown in the filter part of the diagram?

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Depending on the order of message processors in your Graylog cluster, the processing pipelines either run before or after the (legacy) Filter chain.

Check System / Configurations / Message Processors Configuration in the web interface.

Hi Jochen,

My order is as follows:

1 - AWS INstance Name Lookup
2 - Message Filter Chain
3 - Pipeline Processor
4 - Geo-IP resolver

This would indicate that pipelines are processed after the Message Filter Chain and before the GEO-IP resolver. This would also mean things like extractors have also been run.

This would mean that the stream_id is already set before the pipeline processing begins which is the way that I want to use Graylog.

If I am correct please close thread


Of course you can also add or remove a message from streams in your pipeline rules:

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