Pipelines and grok clarification


I am writing a graylog pipeline and have decided to use grok to extract fields.

The pipeline will run if a certain field exists. However a lot of messages have this field and the grok pattern only matches a portion of the messages.

My question is: If the grok pattern does not match the message then what happens ? does the message get dropped ? Or does nothing happen to that message ?

I hope someone can clarify
Thanks you !

Maybe to piggyback on this question, could I have multiple grok patterns and if one matches then set the fields to the matching one ?

what is your processing order in System > Configuration ?

your processing pipeline should run after the message filter chain

AWS Instance Name Lookup
Pipeline Processor
Message Filter Chain
GeoIP Resolver

It is currently setup like this; if I swap the two around will it work ?

make it

Message Filter Chain
Pipeline Processor
GeoIP Resolver

and disable the AWS Lookup if you do not use it.

Thanks Jan,
So this will make it so that even if the pipeline does not match then they will still be routed to the stream ? I guess I will need to modify my pipeline attachments to relevant streams then, they are currently all attached to all messages. Guessing this is not best practice…

If you are trying out the basics its ok. But if you want to build a growing environment, you should definitely sort your streams and pipeline connections :smiley:

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Ok I have swapped around the connections, thanks for your pointer !

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