What is the reason for the message processor configuration order


I am struggling in understanding the reason for the order of the message processor configuration.

The sequence in the standard configuration is as follows:

#	Processor	Status
1	AWS Instance Name Lookup	active
2	GeoIP Resolver	active
3	Pipeline Processor	active
4	Message Filter Chain	active

I have now built a stream rule that decides which stream the message should be routed to based on the tags field.

Then I created a pipeline that was connected to this stream with a test stage:

rule "test"
  set_field("test", "test");

After some time I found out that this doesn’t work, because by default the pipeline runs before the Message Filter Chain, which e.g. decides depending on rules to pack messages into streams. As soon as I changed the order under System -> Configuration it works.

But I am not yet happy with this solution. I want to understand why it is set up this way. There must be one or more reasons.

How should I handle it? Change it? Or do the routing in the pipelines? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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you should really change the order as described.

the default order is alphabetical. no other reason.

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