What is `leader election`?

Hello everyone.
With rename of master to leader https://github.com/Graylog2/graylog2-server/pull/11766 talks about something they call leader election.

Anyone knows what that is? Can graylog cluster choose its leader automatically now?

I have always though that I must force exactly one node to be this leader/master via is_master = true per

# If you are running more than one instances of Graylog server you have to select one of these
# instances as leader. The leader will perform some periodical tasks that non-leaders won't perform.
is_leader = true

Hello @nisow95612

TBH I’m not sure why it went from master → Leader. Perhaps “master” offended someone but I’m not sure.
I’m running one node Graylog 4.3.5+32fa802 and never reconfigured my GL configuration file to leader. I don’t see any issue.
EDIT: yeah man, I just read over all the documents, not sure what the difference really is. It seams be act just like the configuration is_master.

If you are running more than one instance of Graylog server you have to select only one graylog-servernode as the leader.

Here is some insight, if you haven’t see this already.
Graylog 3.2

Graylog 4.3

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Maybe @patrickmann could enlighten us :smiley:

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Yes, we have implemented automatic leader election. Currently, the default behavior is still static leader designation. But it can be configured as described here:

The word ‘master’ has baggage, so we changed it to ‘leader’ at this time.


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