Welcome to the Graylog Forum

Dear Graylog community,

Welcome to the new Graylog discussion forums! I hope you find this migration to be a positive experience and one that will allow for growth in our community.

Why the change?

I personally started the mailing list back in 2010 when it was just myself working on Graylog as a weekend project. Over the last seven years, Graylog has seen exponential growth on both the deployment and business side. Through these changes, the core of Graylog, our community, has continued to be the backbone of this project. Today, we’ve come to a point in which our current mailing list isn’t providing the most benefit to you, our users. After much thought and planning, we decided it’s time to make the jump to a new platform.

Time to move on: Shutting down our mailing list

Our Google Groups mailing list has about 2500 members today, but will be set to read-only on February 21st. You will still be able to search through previous posts, but we will not be migrating content to this forum.

The reasoning behind the move was due to the fact that the Google Groups UI is far less than optimal. In particular, searching through and finding information was tedious. With our new forum, we want this community to not only offer fast help in case of any questions but also to be easily searchable and consumable. We want you to land here and have a good experience if you search the internet for Graylog questions.

But now I need another account?

Yes, this is true. However, you can log-in to this community with not only the local credentials but also with your existing Twitter or GitHub account to keep things simple.

I really like receiving emails and now I have to check the community regularly?

Valid point. This was our biggest concern which kept us from moving away from Google Groups for quite a while. We love mailing lists, too! :heart_eyes: We have made it possible for you to receive an email alert and reply by email. You have the option to customize your alerts based on mentions, new topics, or replies.You can also sign up for daily email updates and receive nicely formatted digests about what happens over here.

The future of this community

With the old mailing list being set to read-only soon, we ask that you please create an account here as all new discussions and questions will be answered in this forum starting February 21st. In addition, we will also be posting our announcements in here from now on.

Note that we also have the “Forum Feedback” category for all comments or suggestions about this community. We are looking forward to making this our new home together with all of you!

We truly thank you for being a part of the Graylog community, and though change can be difficult at times, we will do our best to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Much thanks,