Using the Graylog Forum by E-mail

(Jan Doberstein) #1

We’ve made it possible for users to communicate with this forum via email! For setup, please follow the steps below.

  • Log-in to by setting up a new account or using your GitHub or Twitter login

  • Once logged-in, click your image icon in the top right-hand corner and then click the preferences icon. This is where you can update your email settings and enable mailing list mode.

  • Now you can sign-out. When you are ready to ask a question, use your e-mail client to communicate by sending an email to the following addresses:

Installation category:
(For discussions on installing your Graylog setup)

Maintenance category:
(Questions on maintaining Graylog after installation)

Development :
(Topics about the development of a Graylog-related project)

(For all things related to add-ons from the Graylog Marketplace such as installation and usage of plugins, content packs, etc.)

Forum Feedback:
(For suggestions on improving the Graylog community, ideas for a new category, or if you like what you see! )

(Adam Jems) #2

hey, I just have a login to your portal using my AT&T Email. but I am not able to enable mailing list mode in the preferences icon. as mentioned above. for more details visit - AT&T Email Support

(Jan Doberstein) #3

he @AdamJems

when you would have provided some more information, someone might be able to help you. Please find a screenshot below to clarify what you need to do.