Web Interface Connection Refused


When I attempt to connect to the web interface http://<local IP address>:9000 I get a connection refused error
I Have installed Greylog onto an Ubuntu server following the directions at http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.3/pages/installation/os/ubuntu.html
Elasticsearch and Greylog services show running.

Thanks in advance!

Please post your complete Graylog configuration file and check the logs of your Graylog node.

Here is a google drive link to the config file and two log files. Thanks for the help.


You have to configure web_listen_uri correctly. My suggestion would be

Thank-you so much that got the web interface to prompt for a login. I did not realize I had to uncomment that line. I attempt to log in with the default admin/admin. but it says invalid credentials. I did not see a spot in the server.conf to change the password. I see where the root username can be changed but not the password.

Are there other lines of code I need to uncomment?

Thanks in advance,

Thank you so much for all the help. I have it up and running.

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