Virtual Appliance on Hyper-V

I’m not having much luck getting Gray Log installed and running. Is there any way of getting the virtual appliance to run under Hyper-V? I converted the OVA file to a VHDX but I have no instruction after that (Hyper-V complains that it isn’t a bootable image).

Hello && welcome @bert

I’l be honest, not sur ewhat you have going on. May need to add more information so we can understand what your doing. Help us , help you.

Not sure what else I can say. I have a GrayLog OVA file and I would like to get it to run in a Hyper V environment. I converted the OVA file to a VHDX file. Now what? I can’t find any instructions beyond that point.

Hey @bert

This is your virtual drive VHDX, AKA file.
If you understand how Hyper-v works, then when creating a node you can attach that disk (i.e,VHDX) to the VM ( virtual machine). Something like this.

Yes, I am familiar with Hyper V. But, Hyper V says that this isn’t a bootable file (gen 1 or 2) and it isn’t a data drive. Without further instructions as to what to do with the VHDX file, I am at a loss.

Hey @bert

“This error message means the OS boot process couldn’t locate an active system partition”

If this is true, then the VHDX is incorrect. Or you need to change your boot order. You could try disable secure Boot.

You may want to go to Microsoft forum and ask there.

@bert why use the OVA? IIRC it’s not intended for production use and isn’t secured. It might be an “easy” way to deploy Graylog, but you’d be better off creating an Ubuntu/RHEL/Alma/Rocky VM and installing Graylog per the docs.


I started with the OVA because my Unix/Linux is very rusty and this looked like an easier way to get up and running quickly. Didn’t work :frowning:

It took a while for my first post to be approved and, in the meantime, I decided to take the route you suggested. I now have a Ubuntu instance running (I think) all of the GrayLog software. I say “I think” because when I came in this morning, the Ubuntu machine had hung. Not sure why yet.

OnEdit: Actually, it is a Debian VM, not Ubuntu (the Ubuntu VM is for something else) and it just crashed completely. It dies with an “A problem has occurred and the system can’t recover” error message.

I did download a copy of VirtualBox and it seemed to accept the OVA file fine. I have never used VirtualBox before, though, so I would prefer to have GrayLog running in a Hyper V environment with which I am quite familiar.

Hey @bert

I have to agree with @aaronsachs , but the route you want to take would be just as hard then creating a new Graylog node on Hyper-v.

I did find some other post if you still want .

Hi Bert, I’ve had Graylog running for years on Hyper-v in production so message me if you need a hand I also would go the route of building dedicated Ubuntu VMs to host Graylog and not use the OVA file it is generally pretty easy to get Graylog up and running TBH.