Viewing syslog contents


I’m a new user of Graylog. I want to view contents of syslog logs sent from a Windows computer to Graylog. I’m not sure if this is even possible. I have managed to set up Graylog with winlogbeat in Graylog sidecar and sidecar on the Windows computer. The Windows computer seems to be sending over data. There are message counts and messages (see image). But, I can’t seem to find a way to view the contents of the syslog logs.

Can anyone please help me?

If you click on one of those messages it should expand and show you all the fields being sent in.

Thank you for responding Joel.

Is there a way for Graylog to take the messages and format them for visual display (similar to viewing log files, where all the messages are listed), and not have to click on each message to view the contents?

You can customize the columns that display in the message view, which are just different fields. Find a field you want to see, click it, then select show in table.

I’ll give that a try. Thank you Joel!

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