How to display Sidecar log files?

Hi, all:
Through Sidecar, I have send the linux log files to graylog. In the System->Sidecars ->Name(centos) -> Log Files. I can see many files,such as log folder, log files(which is xml) .
Could you please give me some advices? how to make the xml files display on the Graylog?

System->Inputs->Show received messages

:disappointed_relieved:"Nothing find ".
the Input, create step as follow:System->Inputs->GELF UDP->Launch new input->“Bind address” is “”, "Port " is “12201”

Hi zoulja:
today I use filebeat, now graylog can received messages .Thanks.
other question, if can design the format of the log display?

Not sure I understand your question properly.
Can you provide some example?

Hi zoulja:
I want to make graylog message show storage audit logs.(which incule who and when do some opertaions on which file or folder) every log like this : 2019-10-14 14:20:03 cifs - 0 0 read file /test dd.txt - -17 2019-10-14 14:20:03 success
now the logs show in Messages , and I want to know can I change the messages’ navigation bar to time , client, protocol type,operation type, detail ?

Have you configured any Extractor?
It will parse/split message into separated fields

no , there are no any extractor .
Could you please give me some advice? or some example ?

Go to your Input, press “Manage extractors” and create some Extractor.
From my experience ‘Grok pattern’ type is the simplest one.

ok , i will try , thanks.

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