View log error,help me please

How can I solve this error?

My Environment

  • Graylog Version: Graylog 4.0.6+40b7be5
  • Java Version: 1.8.0_265
  • Elasticsearch Version: 7.10.2-1
  • MongoDB Version: 4.0.24
  • Operating System: centos8.3
  • Browser version: chrome89.0.4389.114

It seams the Elasticsearch can not find the index that is used for your widget which makes me believe that something is wrong with Elasticsearch.

Did you check the status of Elasticsearch service?
What have you done to try to solve this issue?
Is this a fresh install or an upgrade?
Did you see any errors or warnings in Graylog, Elasticsearch log files?
What kind of installment is your Graylog Server (i.e. Docker, Package, OVA, etc…)

Since the MongoDB version recommended by the official document is 3.6 or 4.0, I installed the latest version. So I uninstalled my installed MongoDB and installed the officially recommended version 4.0, and then this error appeared. I tried to restart Elasticsearch, GrayLog’s service. but issues were not resolved.

And Elasticsearch does not see the relevant error message

I am Graylog, Elasticsearch, and MongoDB installed through rpm.

This is new installation, I just started using it.

Is this the documentation you used to install Graylog?

If it was me and since this is a fresh install, maybe wiping and start over.
Stop graylog and reinstall mongodb

yum reinstall mongodb-org.

Once that is completed, try starting Graylog service again and tail Graylog log file.
Also can you show you graylog config file?
Hope that helps

Thank you!
I downloaded the RPM package and then uploaded it to the server for installation.
Because my server can’t access the internet.

The difference with this document is that my RPM package is manually downloaded and uploaded to the server for installation.

Sorry I havent done a manual installation, maybe someone here has.
Since your using a Repo server to transfer ES, GL, and mondb packages to another server for installation. I’m not sure exactly what could be the problem. To better help you out, you might have to post how you did the install with these components or shows what instruction you used.

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