Using HTTPS with graylog 4

I am using Graylog 4 server installed on a VM, everything seems to be working fine and i am getting logs from my network devices.

I tried following the HTTPS section on the official documentations in order to secure the web interface and cant get it to work, i followed the guide exactly as it is.

Operating system information

  • Ubuntu

Package versions

  • Graylog 4.1.5+01c9198, codename Noir
  • MongoDB v4.0.27
  • Elasticsearch v7.10.2

It would help immensely if you were to share some more information:

  • Did you search the forums here? There are plenty of posts on this topic
  • Did you google the internet in general and try anything from what you found?
  • Can you post the specific changes you put in for https/certificates (not the certs of course!)
  • Did you see anything in the Graylog logs when you start it up or access it via https?
  • What else can you share that will help us understand your environment and the problem?
  • *** Be sure to use the forum tools ( like </>) if you post logs/configs it makes it nicer for your friends to help you!

I am not great with certificates - not my knowledge bin… but with posting good information you are more likely to get someone who does know it to jump in…


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