Use external scripts or programms in pipeline

Hi all,

I retrieve datas from indutrial PLC.

Each input line returns me the new value of a tag. A tag will not be shown until his value changes. Per example, if a door’s open status is “1”, the system send me “1” when the door comes opened, then nothing until it’ll be closed (status “0”). I retrieve the tags from a lookup table (because the original names contains unauthorized characters).

One way I look for display the current value of a tag is to use an external script or programm to create and to maintain a field for each tag, this field would contains either the new or the last known value of each tag.

Is it possible to call such a script or programm from a ppeline ?

Thank you for your help.

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in short - no.

you can open a feature request for the option to show the last found result in a widget.


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