Display numeric value from field from latest message


I am new to Graylog and would like to display on dashboard latest value from numeric field.
It would be very useful when I would like to prepare a simple weather station with alerts.
I am enclosing screenshot of message from rsyslog. Values marked with yellow should be visible on dashboard. Both fields Temperature and Humidity are set to numeric. Hope I described my problem clearly.
Could you help in this case? Really appreciate it!

Hello @kb0,

afaik there is no real way of showing the latest value of a field. The only way I know of (and I do it in a few cases) is to get the maximum (or minimum, depending on use case) value of the last minute (or applicable timerange that makes sense) with the statistical display. This is a dirty workaround if you don’t mind that your displayed value could be inaccurate for a few seconds to a minute.

If there is a way to show the last value then correct me, I would be glad to know that :smiley:

Greets - Phil

currently this is not possible @kb0 but that could be solved by writing a widget plugin or use the method described by @derPhlipsi



Thank you very much for your response.
Did not expect that. Hope there some simple way to do it.
@jan, is there any documentation regarding plugins? Maybe it is not so hard to write simple plugin and I will try to do it.

Do you plan to implement such feature in the feature? It could be very useful not only for me. That kind of functionality is delivered in Splunk.

hej @kb0

we have some information in our documentation that can help you writing a plugin.


Something changed to problem mentioned in 1st post?
Do I still have to write a plugin or displaying single numeric field from latest message became a feature?

No, nothing has changed.