Dashboard last timestamped message

Is it possible within a dashboard to return the latest timestamped value of a field to display?

Sometimes in the metrics field I just want to display the last timestamped value and not an average or sum etc.

An example would be for Pie Charts, if I want to display a pie chart showing a servers “current used” vs “current free” memory I just want to pull back the latest timestamps of those fields and display them. I don’t want to apply metrics.

he @nick

what Graylog version are we talking about?

we’re on version 3.3.1

you can work with a single value widget if that is what you are looking for.

Hi Jan,

I am using the single value widget. That doesn’t allow me to return the last logged value. It only allows me to return a max/min/avg or similar over the last 5 minutes.

An example would be if I wanted to display Uptime. I want to show the last received Uptime value from the logs. Showing the max value over the last five minutes obviously gives the wrong answer when the server is rebooted as 0 seconds Uptime is less than whatever the value was before the reboot.

he @nick

we should have already a feature request over at github for that:

But if not, please create one.

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